About us

Atelier Handmade is Ukrainian clothing brand that has created a delightful summer collection from the most comfortable and environmentally friendly material — linen.

Linen is an ancient sustainable fabric made from the stem of the flax plant that is fantastic for fashion products, too. It is hardier than cotton (and requires way less water to grow!), naturally moth resistant, and gets stronger with every wash. Being an organic fabric, it is breathable and when untreated, entirely biodegradable!

Exclusive dresses, shorts, tops and blouses made from the best material that you can only imagine. They framed by elaborate embroidery and handmade trim. Atelier Handmade linen collection is the best choice not only in the center of the urban life, but also an indispensable part of the wardrobe on the azure coast in the rays of the hot sun of Ibiza and in the moonlight of the bohemian Mykonos.