How to wash linen clothes?

Many people really love wearing linen clothes. Garments made of linen are very comfortable and good looking, but it also requires special care. There are 2 ways: dry cleaning and hand washing. It’s important to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both these ways and to talk about washing tips for linen clothes in general.

Dry cleaning

Linen products of the brand Atelier Handmade are made of 100% natural linen. It requires gentle treatment. This kind of linen clothes can’t be washed in a washing machine. Dry cleaning is the best way to refresh your linen outfit. Find a dry-cleaner’s in your district and take your linen outfit there. Entrust this task to professionals. They will take care of your clothes. Dry cleaning is a fast and convenient way to clean your clothing. It may cost you some money, but your beautiful linen garment is surely worth it.

Hand washing linen clothes

Before washing linen clothes you should check the care label on your shirt, dress, pants, or another item. There you will find linen clothes washing instructions. Recommendations about temperature and washing time could be different depending on fabric composition.

Washing linen clothes by hands requires more time and effort. But it’s a great way to keep your outfit in good condition. Who will take care of your clothes better than your own hands? For hand washing you will need a sink, plastic basin, or another suitable container.  Water should be cool or slightly warm. Add some detergent. It can be a liquid detergent or a washing powder.

After that immerse your clothing in water. Gently shake up your clothes in soapy water and leave it there for a few minutes. Then change the water and rinse your linen attire. Don’t use too much force when spinning the clothes, it may damage fabric fibers. Washing is over, now your garment is clean and fresh again.

Drying linen clothes

Now, after washing linen clothes it is time to dry it. No need to use any machines. Just hand your shirt or dress on a hanger or put it on a drying rack for a few hours. Open the window to provide air circulation. Place your clothes carefully on a rack to avoid wrinkles. Moreover, don’t put it under direct sunlight, it may cause color tarnish. In a while your lovely linen clothes will be ready for new adventures.

These are the main washing tips for linen clothes. They will help you to save the shape of your precious garment, to keep it clean, fresh, and good looking. Follow the main steps and your linen outfit will serve you for years.